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January Favorites (in 5 minutes?!?)

The makeup, food, and accessories that I’m loving! Come see what you might want to love too! SUBSCRIBE TO MY VIDEOS HERE: WATCH MY BEAUTY BLENDER TIPS & TRICKS …

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  1. I’m about 98% sure that the glasses in your thumbnail are the tortoise
    version of the ones Adam Levine is wearing in the Sugar video.
    Regardless… love!!

  2. You are soo beautiful, cool & an inspiration! I love makeup, and all the
    other fun things you show !
    Love watching your vids! Much love

  3. Amazing videos !! I love them I’ve been watching your channel for years and
    you were my inspiration to creating my channel now I’m traveling the world
    at the age of 19

  4. I wish all beauty gurus would do there Favorites videos like this … Man,
    most of them just go on and on and on about just anything .. Lady just
    tell me the damn product already Hhahahahahhah . Thanks Kandie!

  5. Kandee I just subscribed! 🙂
    Could you maybe do like a video where you talk about makeup
    issues (dry patches showing,super oily skin,cracked makeup).
    Thanks! :D

  6. I get giddy like a 12 year old whenever my phone whistles and tells me you
    uploaded a new video. You are so fun to watch. You are so unbelievably
    beautiful, but your personality totally matches it. I would watch you read
    the dictionary :)

  7. I love love love love yor hairstyle + colour Its fabulous!!! your earrings
    are amazing and your makeup is soooo sexy and on point love ya!!!


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