iPod Touch 2nd Gen Unboxing (First Video EVER) – 4th Year on YouTube

October 4th, 2014 marks my 4th year on YouTube. As a little throwback I managed to find a video I made back in 2009 (Age 12), when I unboxed the first Apple product I purchased after I had…

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  1. Video quality was surprisingly excellent for a twelve-year-old in 2009!
    That being said, your channel has still managed to evolve exponentially.
    Congratulations on four years! :)

  2. Dis video. I have to say it is probably better than my first upload lol.
    The first videos are always one of the best for YouTubers and I really have
    to congratulate where you are now. Good luck in the future!!!

  3. Voice is still the same, but you’ve definitely improved in the video
    department! hahah jk. 😉

    Happy 4th YouTube Birthday!

  4. I remember when a lot of people used to hate on you back then for being a
    little kid and having a high voice.. Lol

  5. Well doing these videos at age 12 got you here today. I’m 15 and i wanna
    make similar videos as well, awesome.

  6. This maybe your best video of all time! This kid sounds so nice and
    innocent…not like the mean kids that picks on me every day! LOL Actually
    though this was put together really well, thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome work even back then. No wonder why you’ve been so successful on
    here. Grats on your accomplishments here young blood.


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