iPhone 6: What It Could Be

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  1. Itll be the same fucking phoen that it was since the start with a few minor
    upgrades. Jesus christ people – ITS THE SAME SHIT EVERY TIME/ Im not saying
    thats a bad thing but WHY DO WE NEED THESE VIDEOS? You all know damn well
    what it will be like

  2. Apple shouldn’t do a bigger version! It’s the only phone that fits in my
    hand! It’s ok to do a bigger version but keep the size of the small one!!

  3. Ok apple do this iPhone 6inch, there all your marketing is done and we get
    a awesome phablet instead of these child sized phones out ATM

  4. Soldier you content is messed up recently, you need more than these
    ”talking rumors-what you need to know” videos and a better camera. Love
    the channel but it’s been silent lately

  5. 1:34 … for the 10-inch model xD People are gonna be holding iPad’s up to
    their faces by the end of this year!

  6. Apple needs to copy the year old (Oct ’13-’14) Samsung Galaxy Note3 (5.7″
    Super AMOLED) and the iPhone users will be like a pig in slop and 6 months
    later claim Samsung stole Apple’s design.

  7. If they are released in those variants I think they could/should call them
    the iPhone Air for 4.7inch and iPhone Pro for 5.5inch model. But I don’t
    see those sizes as likely for Apple. Personally I think a 4.5 inch and a 5
    inch model is more likely if they’re going with the two phones thing.


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