iPhone 6 (Mockup) Overview & Comparison!

A detailed look and in-depth comparison of the iPhone 6 mockup! Sonny Dickson: Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter:…

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  1. This is so ugly. The only one that look decent is tge space grey one. The
    gold and white look like iPods. Plus they need to keep the home button on
    the top. If I wanted it on the side, I would’ve moved to android

  2. I really want a 5.5in screen with 1920/1080p for me that would make me fall
    in love and I really want a 20 or 25 megapixel camera. 

  3. Can someone tell me what size screen the Samsung Galaxy S3 has? I used my
    friends own and if the new Iphone will be that big id gladly buy it

  4. Wow when is apple going to get rid of the stupid home button. I wouldn’t
    expect on screen buttons but at least add a back button and menu/recent
    apps button. Especially since the screen size is getting larger.


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