iPhone 6 (Mockup) First Impressions!

A quick first look and impressions of the iPhone 6 mockup! CellCashier: Thanks to Sonny Dickson: Great Deals on Tech! –…

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  1. glad I don’t use ios devices this looks ugly!!! The 5S has a much better
    design than this, what was apple thinking? Apple is still stuck in 2010.

  2. I hope iphone 6 looks looks nothing like the mockup. This looks like a
    3gs/ipod. The power button should stay on top as it’s easier to identify
    and you’re less likely to hit another button. They ruined the interface
    with iOS 7 now they’ll ruin the phone itself. Tim cook is a moron if this
    actually happens and he should be fired. 

  3. Quote “it feels slippery in the hand” …. there’s a joke in that. you’re
    getting better and with your videos man.


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