iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S5: Fingerprint Scanners

Fullsail: In this video, I take the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5s and take a look at the fingerprint scanners for both …

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  1. For the 5s it gets slow after a while but once you reset it it works in a
    snap and the iPhone 5s is the best phone I’ve ever had

  2. just keep in mind the one down side to figure print scanners is that it’s
    easier to get a sample of a person figure print than “finger”ing out there
    code, and it’s already been confirmed fake prints work too

  3. Samsung failed this year and I’m not feeling the GS5 at all. HTC M8 is
    taking it this year unless Apple makes a 5 inch screen. 

  4. Fanboys be like : “Ohh, Samsung don’t copy apple..” I’m a full Google fan,
    but, this is ridiculous. 

  5. This is only good for security stuff like iTunes, buying from web etc. For
    a lockscreen, it’s a complete gimmick. It’s faster just to swipe to unlock
    it with one hand.

  6. My 5s pisses me off sometimes, i will hold me finger for like 4-5 seconds
    and it will say TRY AGAIN. Then sometimes i barely touch it and it opens my
    phone! :/

  7. Samsung is just copying each and every feature of iPhone since 2007. But 1
    thing they miss is quality which they will never achieve like apple because
    Apple has a standard that no one can match.

  8. Until phones have fingerprint scanners built into the screen I won’t be
    interested in them. Would be really cool to just place your finger on any
    part of the screen and have it scan it. But that’s just my opinion. Also
    isn’t Samsung making it so you can use the fingerprint scanner with PayPal
    and other things other than unlocking the device? If so even though the
    iPhones scanner is faster and possibly more accurate Samsung will have more
    use ability.

  9. Let’s face it guys, I’m tired of the war shit, if apple didnt make the
    iphone samsung woudent have anything to copy off and we would have shitty
    smartphones, if apple didnt copy off Samsung iOS 7 would be like iOS 6…
    It all goes in a circle… If they didnt copy we would be stuck with the
    old phones that were made 5 years ago

  10. I switched to the Note 3 from my iPhone, so hopefully the Note 4 will offer
    the fingerprint scanner. However, I have no interest in the S5, I’m hooked
    on the Note’s features and screen size.


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