iOS 7.0.5 & 7.1 Beta 5 Released! What’s Changed & Should You Update?

NEW 7.0.5 Has Been Released For iPhone 5S, 5C. 7.1 Beta 5 For All Devices. What’s New & Should You Update? Is It Jailbreak Compatible?

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  1. Dude how the hell can u afford all of these iphones man? Ive been stuck
    with an iphone 4 for the past 2 years. How da hell can u afford em?!

  2. I have a iPhone 4s, does this mean I have a permanent jailbreak? What does
    that mean exactly? Does this mean if I want to test out the 7.1 I can
    revert to 7.0.4 ? 

  3. I have an iPhone 4s and what do you mean by permanent jailbreak like is
    apple not going to make anymore updates for the iPhone 4S so that why it’s
    a permanent jailbreak or what do you mean I’m a little confused 

  4. Yea Buddy can You explain how it is this the you set. If we on iPhone 4S Or
    ipad 3 gn. We have permanent jailbreack so you men. The we can up date. To
    any future new firmware. The apple make. Or watt do you men 

  5. What does permanent mean? That all iOS 7 versions will be jailbreakable?
    Could you shed some light about this please?

  6. Hey thanks for the vid man, just wondering, does the permanent jailbreak
    also apply to the iPad 2, and if so does that mean I can just update to 7.1
    seamlessly without re-jailbreaking right from itunes or via the settings
    app, thanks


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