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it feels wet, looks flat, and stringy…i’m so upset because my cheap a$$ black onxy hair NEVER did this…PLEASE let me know if it’s a way to get the body b…

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  1. girl you can fix this humidity and yeah try the dry shampoo and yeah I dare
    you again (lol) to do the curly invisible part one curls like oily lol

  2. Wash it a blow dry remi does the same thing after a while…like the
    girl below said..the oil from your scalp has made it oily over time. When I
    wash and blow dry my hair it gets its life back!

  3. it jus needs a really good washing w/ some ORS creamy aloe’s
    jus greasy thats all! i found that if i dont put anything at all [product
    wise] in weaves is when it looks its best!

  4. its d florida weather chile!!! jus wash dat bih it shud be str8. das
    quality hair u got. ma hair is like your weave but natural i had 2 put up
    under a 27 pcs style cause da humidity was jus 2 much 2 handle…

  5. this hair style is so nice i been trying to get my stylist to do me a bang
    like that for the longest damn!

  6. that happened to me before! idk why it was so oily. and i cant remember
    what brand i used. why do some weaves do that? its usually the straight
    hair that claims to be human. but you know its not because it wont flat
    iron.i had to constantly brush it and it wouldnt stop being stringy

  7. yea i see what your saying could wash it but its probably more of
    a hassle ya thang time to change up…(it still looks cute but hmmm
    wth is up with that stringiness)

  8. I blow dry my hair then bump it when it starts to look like that. It always
    works for me. Try it maybe it will work for you.

  9. they way i fixed mine when it did that is to blow dry it with a roller
    brush (brush with the bristles all the way around) and the heat with absorb
    the oils and the brush will give it body again then u should re bump it

  10. ppl say im crazy for doing this but it works. wash your hair and blow dry
    it den add baby powder to the hair(NOT THE TOP) blow dry and comb it comb
    it out with the baby powder and bounce wuld cum bac

  11. I know this is late but….Adri I feel you. I had this happen to me with
    Indian Remy Hairl & my beautician thought I was crazy! I think she thought
    I was lying about not putting any oil on the hair. I ended up washing that
    hairl every week! Ugh!


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