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I FOUND LA CIRA HALFWIG ON-LINE!!!–half-wigs.html.

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  1. hey girl….stop all that cursing….lol….you look great….glad to see
    you….tell them if they are going to use your vid…they better be paying

  2. Girl u pick the best wigs. U have good taste cuz the pics of the wigs on
    the websites be funny lookin’ but u take them and make them look great! i
    have love MANY if not MOST of the wigs you’ve worn. Keep up the good work

  3. Gurl it’s been a minute!!! where the hell u been? …well whateva the case
    im glad to see u back..i had a sraight attitude when u left…cant wait for
    your next video!! U always have the best tips

  4. Gurl I gotta say thank you to you, I went and got this a week after I seen
    this from super beauty depot and everybodie compliments me on it! Much luv


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