HTC One M9: Camera Test

A camera test of the HTC One M9’s 20MP camera, capable of recording 4K video! Get it here: Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter:…

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  1. Doesn’t have the sharpness ‘pop’ factor? Those photos look pretty sharp to
    me and I really like the 4k video. It looks as if you were testing the
    camera at midday when there is the harshest lighting conditions so no
    wonder things look blown out. It’s not particularly over exposing, it just
    has a poor dynamic range. That needs to be improved. Good job HTC (and btw
    I liked the quality of the old HTC One M8 from last year. I don’t see why
    everyone is saying the quality is bad).

  2. Omg these pictures hurts my eyes way to bright not being a hater in HTC I
    have a HTC one m8 myself but when you look at the picture for the m9 it’s
    way to over expose like the sky is white and when you look at the galaxy s6
    it’s more natural
    Just wait when the lg g4 come out then I’ll upgrade

  3. It’s not the sensor Toshiba because Nokia has always used these and made
    great cameras such as 930 or 1520. Personally I would’ve went with Sony
    newest sensor, but there both great sensor’s. It must be the software
    causing these issues. HTC should send several software patches to fix the
    problem. I not sure whether they have or haven’t already so correct me if
    I’m wrong. 

  4. I found that using the google camera app on the m9 produces much better
    shots than the stock camera app.

  5. The front Ultrapixel is a smart idea, but HTC really should have gone with
    the Sony sensor that the Galaxy S6 uses.

  6. The real beauty here is British Columbia. What a gorgeous place.
    Unfortunately the One M9’s camera doesn’t do it justice. 

  7. I am getting a new phone in the coming months. The 2 phones that have been
    on my mind are the HTC One M9 or the Motorola (Google) Nexus 6. And I need
    your guys’ help on making the decision below I have mentioned some features
    I need in a phone.
    I needed something with 32gb (at least) internal storage, Android, A very
    good battery (at least 2600 mAh) and a good camera with preferably OIS but
    I don’t really mind.


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