HTC One (M8) vs HTC One (M7)

A full in-depth comparison between the HTC One (M8) and it’s predecessor the HTC One (M7)! Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twi…

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  1. Watched the whole thing! Phew! Great video Justin! I definitely agree to
    wait for Sense 6 to come to the M7. 

  2. Are you sure about the 128gb sd card? The website says only 64gb. Can
    someone please confirm that a 128gb sd card works on the m8?

  3. Great video Justin. I noticed a bit of lag when you were scrolling on the
    M8, not as bad as touchwiz, but slightly. I like on screen buttons, but on
    the M8 it looks a bit weird because of the HTC logo that’s below. 

  4. Great video. I’m a m7 user and I’m very happy with my phone but I’m
    upgrading to the m8 because it improves significantly on everything
    although I would have liked better camera improvements.

  5. I have the M7 dual sim version with expandable memory as well.
    I don’t think I’m gonna upgrade yet.. still happy with the M7 🙂
    Btw your video presentation is so good! keep it up man!

  6. Htc failed to launch THE BEST phone. Bad camera, not many upgrades. I even
    think the gs5 had more new USEFUL features, and no gimmicks like htc one’s
    camera effects!

  7. I like m8’s back more than m7’s, by just looking them in your review. And
    m8’s darker color reminds the Robcop in recent movie.. 

  8. I love my M7, but I’m thinking about upgrading to the M8, since I
    appreciate the latest and state of the art technology available! Life is to
    short to wait! Good job on your review!

  9. Watched the whole video too. Was really good. I’m debating whether to
    upgrade from my Sony Xperia T to either the m7 or the m8. I’m not sure. Lol


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