HTC One M8 Unboxing!

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  1. Why couldn’t they made this 10+mp????????? I don’t understand why they have
    to keep 4mp ffs!!! I fucking hate this first world problem. 

  2. Very impressed with HTC…currently have the HTC One but will be moving to
    the iPhone 6…there is just too many more exclusive apps and websites
    built for IOS than there is for android at the moment…also fluidity of
    IOS just seems to be smoother than android..but the HTC One was majorly fun
    while I had it..

  3. If the iPhone had the same dual cameras “I’ve used the camera, it is
    amazing, but we will get back to that later.”

  4. That black space on the front where they have the HTC branding is dumb,
    such a waste of space. This phone looks weird being so thin and tall it’s
    like a TV remote

  5. one day people are gonna get tired of these new phones coming out every
    year and will stop buying them until one company actually puts something
    that will put a shock on all of us.. so far the S5 and the M8 aren’t to
    that point where yet.. now I wonder what will apple do with the iPhone 6..

  6. I bought the previous HTC One smartphone last summer, and I am very happy
    with the phone. However, no phone is perfect. Is there an overriding reason
    to buy the new HTC One when you already have the previous HTC One? Thanks!

  7. I hope the camera hardware and software features are extensively covered in
    the full review. I look forward to that

  8. Is the display slightly raised up? I don’t think it was on the m7 and that
    means the m8 might crack easier if it falls on its face. Correct me if I’m


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