HTC One M8 Review!

Here’s my review of one of the early candidates for phone of the year, the HTC One M8! Dollar Shave Club: Other places I hang out: FaceBook Fan Page: http://go…

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  1. Solid review as always! HTC has definitely improved the M7 or the M8 but i
    feel what we have now is what they should have put out a year ago. They
    were more then capable to do so.

  2. Actually the IR blaster is only behind the power button, I believe the
    whole top is for the rest of the radios.

  3. Nice review! I have sense 6 and the tap to wake/sleep function running on
    my m7 so I don’t feel so out of date.

  4. Saw this guy at BestBuy. He knew how to answer EVERY single question I had
    when I was about to buy a phone, a console and a TV.

  5. I would say the has to be the Best review of the HTC ONE M8. Thanks for
    your dedicated work and great reviews 

  6. In my opinion, htc did a shit job improving the m7.
    The only problem I can find with the Htc one was the camera. Instead of
    just adding megapixs to improve the quality HTC decides to add a second
    camera, that’s ridiculous. The camera is the only major issue with this
    phone, and it really keeps me from buying it.

    The speakers are incredible, hardware is out of this world, and the display
    is the brightest and most accurate on the market; the software runs as fast
    or even faster.than stock android, and it’s skin on any phone, but
    that camera fucks everything up WTF HTC!!!!

  7. Great review man! Almost all my family and some people I know have Samsung
    Galaxys (S4, S5 and Note II and III). I was originally was going to
    purchase the Note III myself when I saw the specs. But I think I will stick
    with HTC and purchase the M8.

  8. Its so stupid that no other phones put speakers on the front. Even if its
    just one small speaker, it should be on the front where the sound can reach
    the user easily. It just makes sense. They can make displays with pinholes
    for a speaker and have the speaker facing the front instead of back.

  9. Should I buy this phone??

    Or wait for the nexus 6? As I currently am using nexus 5.

    Or wait for another HTC phone?

    Fuck Samsung, not gonna buy their phones until they change their operating

    And iPhone is overpriced piece of shit…

    My only options at the moment…nexus and HTC phones


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