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How To Recognize The Signs Of Depression

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  1. Different people define depression differently so it’s hard to tell and
    when you’re depressed for years it just feels normal.

  2. you should come to the conclusion that you should leave worrying about
    death when it comes. If you’re healthy and fine, I don’t see what the
    problem is. If you’re facing some health issues then yea, it’s hard NOT to
    think about it. Good luck man…

  3. I have some of that, but it sounds like I need to take better care of
    myself. Otherwise, I doubt I actually have it. This was a big help! Thanks!

  4. Well I have it but as I started to grow I it kinda gone away but I am not
    sure tho I might have depression so ya idk

  5. I shake and cry and squeeze my hand when I think about random stuff
    Whitchurch effects me a lot am I depressed? 


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