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How to Master the High Heel

Please watch till the end! 😀 Are you ready to master the high heel? Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, I’ll show you all my tips and tricks…

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  1. If u wanna be comfortable and still run and make it look like u have Tennessee shoes I would recommend wedges u can mostly find them at scetcher’s

  2. I’m the same age as Michelle but no where near as successful :( Happy for you girlie!!!! keep up the awesome videos 🙂

  3. Hello, I would love if you came and checked out my channel. I am willing to try any makeup look requested! And also I am currently running a MASSIVE INTERNATIONAL MAKEUP GIVEAWAY

  4. The kitten heels were so um well CHEAP looking. I didn’t really like them. And what’s more, I’m tired of Michelle trying to flaunt her boyfriend. Isn’t it showing how fake she is? She’s asking her boyfriend to ACT for her. But other than these two negatives, I really enjoyed the video. Michelle’s videos are so interesting to watch. I really liked the Back to School Favorites!

  5. michelle, im going to my older bros graduation and grad party. need help with make up plz, im only in the sixth grade. plz help


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