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How to make a 3/4 wig: part 2 (detailed)

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  1. Great vid 🙂 thank you for taking the time to show us but do you think i
    can do the same with 2 bundles of hair 8oz????

  2. @yungbweezy yea it depending on how you like to size it some people install
    it and then cut or if you’re a pro you can eye ball it lol but i wait until
    i install it and then cut off the acess

  3. Hey Adri do u have a video on how u apply the wig to your head I would like
    to use a diff technique in applyin weave thanks

  4. Loved the video! What hair and lengths did you use? I am starting to feel
    more confident about trying this. Can you please do an install video for
    this wig? Thank you for taking the time! Be blessed!

  5. @musicdfined depending on how you want it to fit …I cut off based on the
    sizing you may need to cut all of it off or you may need to leave some its

  6. wats the name of the hair u used and how much does a bundle cost? do u kno
    a better cheaper version…… ballin on a budget lol

  7. @whitneym414 please check out the video titled how to make a halfwig: what
    you need i explain it there or just look at my N.R hair group videos

  8. Are you going to show s how you installed this unit on your head? I am
    curious to see how seeing as this is def. something I wil be doing for the

  9. girl i’m so glad u did this i cant’t wait to get my hair to do this ok i
    like this way better thing sewing track by track and it looks faster to
    hell just sew around the edges and the middle and you good to go thanks so
    much for this girl

  10. I’m too ADD to go that….. Instead of sewing the hair on to the cap, I
    take out my trusty hot glue gun and glue the tracks onto the cap. Then,
    instead of sewing it onto my head, I sew clips/combs around the perimeter
    of the cap and stick it on my head. Take me 20 minutes and last for a
    loooooong time.

  11. can you do a video on how yo do the back to make it look like its growing
    out of your scalp so that it can go in a ponytail without having to leave
    hair out in the back?

  12. @LeLe832 you made it too wide. This happened to me three time before. It’s
    weird bc the first time i made the u-part it was the perfect size then I
    actually made it two wide my next three tries. But make sure you don’t make
    it too wide because it won’t fit or too small either. but too small is
    better cuz at least u can go back n cut.

  13. hey girl! love your videos….I’ve been watching you trying to learn how to
    make my U-part wigs. I posted a response in case you care to see… 🙂


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