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how to: Layering your hair…SUPER EASY

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  1. I just tried this with my´╗┐ Genesis virgin hair and it came out amazing! Thanks girl for this tut!

  2. I love it you hair is always so full and bouncy you do better´╗┐ than alot of professionals

  3. Very helpful. I kinda´╗┐ want tha Kim K look but I wasnt sure how to do it. Thanks for your help ­čÖé

  4. All my bad bitches freak hoes, knock all their lights out teco…lol´╗┐ Nice Video and it was very helpful.

  5. Hey, are you familiar with “hairator” yet? Simply do a Google search. On their website I have found a great and pain-free hair removal solution that needs zero shaving or waxing. In fact, that method has been featured in Vogue and other media. It made it easier for Anna to get´╗┐ lasting smooth skin. Perhaps it will help you out too…


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