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how to layer and curl your hair!!

sorry for this video being all over the place lol but since you guys DEMANDED it…here it is…if you’re still confused feel free to ask me question ONLY on…

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  1. ur hair looks really pretty and i loove that its full enough and looks
    believable. i been trying to get ma hair front as flat as yours but no
    matter what i use to just looks a lil poofy after a while. anyways nuff lu
    mama. finey

  2. @badgirlsclubhoe girl your calculations are wrong. if he gave each person a
    billion….he wouldn’t have 73 billion left. what you said would only make
    sense if he gave 7 people in the world a billion. As far as how this links
    to Adri’s video, i have no idea!

  3. Omg thank you so much… I will be practicing and I started cracking up at
    the fast forward voice!! Lmao πŸ™‚

  4. Ok so first off im LMAO! at the confused bill gates comment. But I really
    like the way u showed how to layer the front of of my hair it was so much
    easier!! But I would also like to say That your eyebrows are done very cute
    also and I would like to know if you would make a small tutorial on how u
    done those

  5. @badgirlsclubhoe dumb fuck he can only give 7 people a billion dollars to
    have 73 billion left he would need trillions and trillions of dollars to
    give the whole world a billion

  6. If she talk to much GET OFF HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL the rest of us don’t have a
    problem with it shes busy as ever and she still puts in the time to post
    videos so shut up and leave i don’t like when people disrespect people i
    look up to or have respect for so BYE BYE

  7. is the part you are layering and cutting in the video apart of the “u-part
    wig” or is it sum tracks you added on top

  8. This video to me is much easier than the new video. In the other one, you
    just cut without seeing how far it’s going to go back and I’m just not that


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