How to Encrypt Your Desktop Email Using PGP

Want a little privacy? PGP may have a reputation for being difficult to set up, but it’s really not as hard as you might think. If you can install a browser …

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  1. How to use PGP to verify that an email is authentic:
    Look for this text at the top
    [In mail header, light grey.] Reply
    [in mail message, light grey]
    HASH: SHA256
    First of all, thanks for taking care of
    [After mail message]
    If it’s there, the email is probably fine

  2. Issue is, if anyone has your PK, they can decrypt the message — including the NSA. So those who have his/her key public, bad idea.

  3. Step 1: You already have no privacy. Step 2: Acknowledge that you grant PGP access to your life which they already had. Step 3: Go back to watching porn and ordering Viagra.

  4. If any of those provrams come from a US based company they HAVE to give the cracks to get into those mails to the NSA if asked. Look at Lava bit

  5. im learning about it, not to hide, but to just learn how to protect my emails, or have a sense of protection and be in charge. not just relying on automatic programs to fix or protect my interests.


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