How To Bypass Find My iPhone iOS 7 – MAJOR New iCloud Security Flaw On iPhone, iPad & iPod

Just Discovered, MAJOR New Security Flaw. How To Bypass & Disable Find My iPhone iCloud Feature On iOS 7.0.4 & Below. Works On iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad …

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  1. Appreciate the info but there no way in the world anyone would know that
    unless they watched this video. Or a smart developer stole my iPhone or
    something. Sometime information in to ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    informative but keep it up I watch you all the time. GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Fuck you bitch iam not stealing the iphone I bought had find my iphone on
    because the previous owner forgot to delete it soo you can go suck a dick

  3. Who goes through iPhones looking for stuff like this? I mean who is putting
    in random passwords to see if that works or not? And Im sure ppl that steal
    iPhones arent ppl that would know how to do all this

  4. Great now im skeptical of bringing my ipad to school because if it gets
    stolen I want it tracked. Now ppl know how to bypass it

  5. There was an article on the internet about this a week ago why do you take
    all the credit for it and you told Apple about it etc. they already know.
    Your channel was better when you reviewed tweaks etc not trying to sell
    unlocks and things I’m I subscribing your a lil too high on yourself 

  6. Just thinking about it, it’s not really a bug, I bet that Find My
    iPhone/iPad is only turned off because you have changed your login details
    so that when iCloud goes to search for your iPhone it sees that you aren’t
    logged in which is why it turns it off. I bet if you were to input the
    correct text for both Description and Password it would re-enable Find My
    iPhone/iPad because it would actually be connected back to your Apple ID

  7. hello, you can remove the block of the previous owner on icloud iphone 5c?
    you still can not unlock it? if not I remove this block can not activate
    the phone! help :-(


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