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How I Get CRAZY Long Thick Lashes!! Tutorial

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  1. My lashes are naturally extremely thick. When I was like 8 people would ask
    me if I was wearing eyeliner cause my lashes are so thick but honestly it
    annoys me now. I with they were longer instead of thick.

  2. Enjoy those lashes while you’re young. I used to have lashes just like
    that. In fact, I never even wore mascara until my mid – late thirties
    because my lashes were so long, thick and dark. Now I’m almost 43 and
    they’re not as thick and definitely not as dark. Thankfully, they’re still
    pretty long, but now I have to curl them as well as wear mascara to darken
    and thicken them:(

  3. Have you heard of those 3d lashes by Younique? You put on top of your
    regular mascara, and it’s these little tiny fibers. It’s pretty cool, you
    should check it out! 

  4. You’re so right about curling your lashes. My lashes seem to be thinning
    out from curling them and I always curl them before I apply mascara but
    something about curling them isn’t helping my lashes. But I have to curl
    them because my lashes are so thick and straight it makes my eyes look
    tired and smaller if I don’t. I wish I had naturally curly lashes like
    yours. Your lashes are now the most coveted. 😉 Great tips btw. Going to
    see about that It Cosmetics mascara. Thanks. 

  5. First off… Your eyelashes are incredible. I just had one teeny suggestion
    – which is to try not to say ‘sort of’ as much. Your tutorials are really
    good, I just find it distracting. I know I have phrases that I use all the
    time too, just something to think about. Other than that, I really enjoyed
    this video!

  6. Great video! I am also in love with your decorating blog. My blog is also
    home remodeling. It is so fun to watch how people transform their house
    into their home. Hope u do a home tour vlog soon!

  7. Wish I had your lashes! Just wanted to share that I have an Urban Decay
    Electric Palette & Too Faced chocolate Bar Palette Giveaway on my channel.
    Xo Candice

  8. I have the original Tightline mascara and it’s one of the best lash
    products I’ve ever owned! Am I am definitely a mascara junkie! As soon as
    I’m done with my current tube I’ll be getting the waterproof version!
    Thanks for sharing, I love anything lash related! Xoxo

  9. You have amazing lashes!!! Mine are small and on top of that an elf eyelash
    curler cut them 🙁 now I use Younique fiber las mascara. I posted a review
    on my channel because that mascara is a miracle mascara for people like me!
    I use it cosmetics for my bottom lashes xoxo


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