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Hot New Products – May | Makeup Geek

MORE INFO: It’s time for May’s HOT new products. Here’s my mini-reviews of a few new products to let you know what I like and…

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  1. Love these videos Marlena to get a nice summary of what you think of the
    new products. Love the MUG shadows I have so am always excited when you
    come ouit with new products! Thanks! xoxo Elle

  2. You are one of the reasons I began watching you tube videos on beauty. I
    learn a lot from you so far and was noticing that you used to do more get
    ready with me FULL makeup tutorials in the past. I LOVE your videos and was
    wondering if you had some time if you could film some more FULL face makeup
    tutorials again. _ Melanie :)

  3. Got excited when you said make up geek was looking forward to the blushes
    lol but the eyeshadows are amazing too! Have a few myself and love that the
    shipping is cheap to the uk xx

  4. I absolutely love these videos. Thank you for your honest opinions,
    Marlena! Also, your lighting is flawless!

  5. Love your videos and style! I am having issues with my make up settling
    into my pores. I prep my face by washing, toning, moisturizing and then
    priming. I have tried Porefessional and still have issues. Do you have any

  6. Interesting comments about the NYX shadow packaging saying “it sucks”. All
    my individual Makeup Geek shadows have broken…..also cheap packaging but
    love the actual shadows!! Just sayin!

  7. I’ve had the IT liquid foundation for a while, but I find the coverage to
    be too sheer. love how u do these videos for us so we know what is new in
    stores. thank you

  8. Marlena you need to have someone selling these for you in the u.k. Every
    time I order I get charged customs and it sucks!!! Love your products so
    I’m always coming back

  9. I’ve never had the packaging break with NYX products and MAC lipsticks are
    now $16 too as if MAC really needed to raise their high prices anymore.


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