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Hot New Products- February! { Makeup Geek }

Hello, Makeup Geeks! Welcome to the HOT New Products for February 2014. This has been a great month for products and I’m excited to share these with you. Jan…

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  1. When are you guys going to restock the website? I go on there everyday
    looking to buy your pallets and they are ALWAYS sold out. Such a bummer, I
    really need my makeup geek fix! <3!

  2. Love these videos!! Went out and bought the stila metal eyeliners from last
    video and I loved them! Love you Marlena xo

  3. I’m so over Urban Decay’s “Naked” nonsense. Pink and coral isn’t “naked”.
    They just shove that name on everything cause they think it’ll make things

  4. Your so pretty :-). I love your Makeup Geek Line. You thinking about
    something New soon. Would love to see a Hot New Product on your Line. :-). 

  5. Marlena .. I love you and I love everything you do .. But this eyeshadow
    and this lipstick isn’t really a good combination in my opinion .. Maybe
    the lighting affects the colours or something .. But don’t take this
    personal ! I love everything you do ! ❤️

  6. I bought like 15 of your eyeshadows and OMG they are FABULOUS! Better
    formulation than mac imo. I was bummed I couldn’t get some of the more
    popular colors as they were out of stock at the time but i will keep an eye

  7. Great video. Thanks for your time. Appreciate you! I need to buy some of
    your shadows too. I hear nothing but great things about it. Much success to

  8. Good quality matte shadows are indeed very difficult to find but I find
    that MUG matte shadows are as good as they come 🙂 Thanks for sharing these
    new products!

  9. I do enjoy your videos!! You are so detailed and honest and it helps you
    have your own line to be so informative!! Thank you Doll!! XO

  10. Love these new products, Nars is a little too high though I agree, Love
    your new Spring Makeup look! it’s so different and you can pull anything
    off :)


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