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Hot NEW Beauty Products – October 2014 | Makeup Geek

Time for my Hot New Products this month! I show you all the newest and hottest beauty products on the market!! Hope you all have a great weekend! 🙂 LIKE THIS VIDEO? HERE ARE A COUPLE MORE!

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  1. The whole video all I could think is how much I want your eye shadows, and
    not the stuff you were showing. 😛 Your products look awesome, I can’t wait
    to get my hands on some of your eye shadows and brushes!!

  2. Drooling over makeup. So can I just dress in rags and have beautiful
    makeup? Is that a thing? It should be. Because I’m gonna spend all my money
    on makeup and have no money for new clothes.

  3. I wish you would talk about drugstore items as well. You seemed to enjoy
    drugstore products a lot more back in the early days of MUG and I miss that
    about your channel/reviews.

  4. I love your makeup look in this video! I wish the Rocky Horror lipsticks
    and pigments were still in stock. They’ve been sold out for weeks. Is
    there anything in the MUG store close to that pigment?

  5. I am LOVING that background, you should have that be a permanent thing but
    with different colours that change every once in a while,it looks so sexy!

  6. Really like your z palettes, they are prob the nicest I’ve seen so far.
    Love em, makes me want to purchase one 

  7. I’m on makeup geek now trying to choose few eyeshadow pans .. They’re super
    gorgeous but I’m not sure what compliment my eyes. Or what must have. Can
    you share few of your favorites shadows? 

  8. I love the face products in my Too Faced palette. The highlight is a bit
    too sparkly for my personal taste, but I love the blushes and bronzer.

  9. dont get me wrong, i love these videos of yours but i saw the title and
    thought it was gonna be NEW Makeup Geek products for the month of october.
    aww man

  10. I can’t really buy any other eyeshadows now that I use MUG. They just don’t
    compare to your awesome shadows. 


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