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Hot Mess: thomasadrianna The Not-So Baddest Chick Contest

OPEN*** My Entry into Adrianna Thomas’ Contest for N.R. Hair Group. If you dislike this video then that means you commited one of these Beauty & Fashion “…

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  1. lol this is hilarious i really hope you win cuz you had me dying laughing
    lol especially when you showed off the red tights over the shoes lmfao!!
    tooo funny

  2. @keshia46 LOL!!! I had to do it!! I had to record this three times because
    I was laughing at myself! I hope I win too…thanks for watching 🙂

  3. The more of these videos I watch they get better and better. It just
    reminds me how some of these chicks really are. Good job. 🙂

  4. @MsSHUNIE the correct word is “feel” Shunie 🙂 . And why do you “fill”
    sorry for me? Adrianna Thomas hosted a contest on her YT page. In the
    rules, you had to show yourself being the opposite of being “The Baddest
    Chick”. Get it? Everyone looks a HOT MESS for a reason. Anyway, thanks for
    the view 🙂

  5. LMBO!!! Get it! lol, “see this outfit right herr is totally different than
    anything ya’ll ever seen” lol…made my night!!! HILARIOUS!!!

  6. @azaleaBeauty1 Lol I stoke that from Tamar Braxton fron Braxton Family
    Values when she said “This dude right here is totally DIFFERENT!”


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