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this is how i feel about aphogee right about now.

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  1. you have really nice skin! and yor hair looks nice! is your hair relaxed
    and do you use a different shampoo when you perm your hair and when you
    wash your hair

  2. Your foundation looks REALLY good(: i dont wear foundation so much cause im
    like 16, but i wear eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow.

  3. I didnt like Aphogee at all. I dont get perms on my hair cuz i like when my
    hair is curly when its wet and its finally really long again and when i
    used that stuff it made my hair so freakin dry and almost like a matted
    feel or something and i have a pretty good grade of hair. IDK, my mom and
    sis use it and my mom is mixed and my sis hair is relaxed and thick, so i
    mean guess it works for some people but i’ll stick to my Garnier Fructis,
    Doo Grow and white rain lol!

  4. yes ur hair is not as soft or as shiny as it used to be because aphogee are
    protein based products, and protein is designed to strenghten…. hence the
    hardness! if your hair dont need it dont used it, your only gonna cause

  5. Lmao @ “I hope yall didn’t see my booty crack or nothing” Loll. Anyway… I
    use aphogee, every month or so.. as a protein treatment. I only reccomend
    aphogee to people who have damage hair, and after their hair becomes
    healthy they should limit their use. The whole aphogee line is protein
    protein protein, therefore.. it can lead to dry brittle hair if you over
    use it. So… If I were you, I’d keep the leave-in, and use it.. every time
    you wash ur hair.. Just to keep ur protein balance.

  6. i totally agree with u i started using aphogee and it made my hair dry and
    my ends was looking crazy. Althought many people like aphogee i must say u
    was right it not for me either.

  7. @lindafuller09 She’s from flordia and this is 2 years ago… Her accent is
    strong that is prolly why u cant understand her.

  8. You have fun and humor, don’t need to apologize! Love those flowing locks!
    Info helped me understand why Aphogee didn’t work like I’d hoped!


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