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GUESS WHAT I GOT!! (review intro) hair and flat iron :)

I wanna thanks Tekai for this great flat iron and Divas Premier for this beautiful hair 🙂 the REAL reviews will be up soon doom doom doommmmm lol and once i…

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  1. i had one of those flat irons for about a year. it stopped working all of a
    sudden. same thing with my mom’s she has the slim bably bliss pro nano flat
    iron and it also stopped working on her too.

  2. Hmmmm i wish the site wasn’t full of stolen pictures. “virgin” hair
    companies shouldnt have pics of random models as examples of their hair. i
    see those SAME pics on other hair sites. smh, ruins the credibility of the
    site to me. buuuuuut yours looks pretty

  3. @tashalala yea i haven’t seen that picture nowhere else on other sites
    (well i haven’t looked lol) but idk why they would steal that picture it’s
    not cute at all lol but i guess….we’ll see how it goes but i heard good
    things about them but i’ll be the judge of that lol

  4. @KeishaDaNelle they’re titanium ultra smooth plates..when i tried it. it
    felt like NOTHING touched my hair 🙂 very cool

  5. My favorite flat irons!!!! My stylist uses them on my hair. She got them
    about a year and a half ago. I could tell the difference right away. Felt
    like it just glides thru your hair. I loved them so much I bought my own.
    Be glad you got them for free. They cost a pretty penny! But worth it to me.

  6. i bought this same hair in october but im installing it in january because
    im starting college i hope mines turns out as good as yours! I have 14inch
    and 16 inch do i put 14 inch in the front or back????PLEASE ANSWER 🙂

  7. @Princesskeira04 aww thanks lol yea i let the chiense dude do the tips for
    me because i cant do a straight line for sh*t lol and i designed them
    myself at home once i figure out a way to show u guys clearly on camera how
    to do them i will thanks tho

  8. Do you have any videos with this kinda curly hair but with full bangs? I
    did look but I didnt see one with wavy hair (full sew in) and a straight
    bang. xxx


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