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GRWM | everyday 90’s look, Viseart, LM Silk Creme

all products mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW): viseart palette laura mercer oil free silk creme sephora 56 brush pixi peach …

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  1. You are like one of the first girls I ever watch doing makeup tutorials on
    YouTube and after all these years I never tire of them. Amazing girl! Xx

  2. Looking gorgeous girl! I appreciate the fact that you embrace your natural
    style and interests because it seems that everyone is starting to look
    alike and do the same things. i.e “Full (injected) Lips, Dramatic Brows,
    and Countered to the GAWDS cheeks lol.” Stay blessed and encouraged. LOVE
    the necklace too.

  3. Also…I asked this channel on another channel yesterday but would love
    your opinion as well. What is your recommendation for an eyeliner that
    doesn’t transfer from the top water line to the lower water line? I like
    to line my upper water line when I am wearing gel liner to make for a more
    seamless look, but inevitably, it transfers to my lower water line and I
    don’t really want liner there. I’ve tried UD Perversion, L’oreal
    Infallible liners, Rimmel liners and they all transfer. Suggestions?

  4. The whole look is so pretty Tiffany. You make the blending seem so easy.
    Maybe it’s my brush. Pretty palette too. 

  5. I really love this look, and that palette looks very similar to the Sonia
    Kashuk Eye on Neutral palette to me , I love watching your tutorials and
    pictures of Baby Olivia on IG shes Adoraaaaaaable : )

  6. So pretty!!! This palette reminds me a lot of the Sonya Kashuk eye on
    neutral matte palette. TY for another great tutorial , 🙂

  7. Love your videos tiffany all the way from England UK can you zoom in a
    little when you do your eyes I struggled to see this today that would be
    great love your tutorials so much 🙂 xxxx

  8. I’m loving these GRWM videos you’ve started! Wish you would
    zoomed in just a tiny bit !
    Tiffany when you’re going to do
    ColourPop review ? I really like to know your review !

  9. Please do a fav brush video! I’m finally ready to invest n get sigma
    brushes but not sure which to get

  10. love this look!! So pretty! Love that viseart palette! The LM oil free silk
    creme is so different from the original. It actually reminds me of the
    hourglass immaculate foundation lol but I like that it doesn’t break away
    like the hourglass one does. I have combo skin and it is way too dry on me
    so I use the moisturizing one and it is still extremely matte. The lady at
    the counter was shocked at how matte the moisturizing one is. I miss the
    old formulation…


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