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Happy Holidays Beautifuls! Bonus video with my Mom 🙂 Music by Lola Blanc “Like Beyoncé” and “Coconuts” Listen here: …

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  1. I still don’t know if #lookmish is supposed to be “The Mish look” or “Hey,
    Mish, look what I spent my afternoon doing! :D”
    The look was gorgeous by the way <3

  2. YAY THUMBS UP FOR NEW MISH VIDEO?!! you are so gorgeous 🙂

    Any small youtubers out there that want to support each others channels? ❤️
    I’ll sub you back!

    Okay, I have oily skin (and zits are freeloaders)
    I have flat and thick medium – sized hair
    AND GLASSES (nerdy style)
    Please help me!
    I want to look cute like my friends! Please! I have a “crazy” personality
    but I don’t kook like that at all! In fact my profile is what i want to be
    in the future.
    I am also “average” weight (but actually i feel fat)
    Any tips please?
    P.S. I am white (just so u know for makeup)

  4. I love you so so so much!!! my big dream is, to meet you one day. But i’m
    from germany (like your boyfriend^^) greetings from germany♡

  5. Any tips :

    – I’ve got a lot of acne (any masks or something )
    – I’m fit but I feel fat (wanna lose weight )
    – Grow hair faster (I cut it , WANT LONG HAIR BACK)

  6. Michelle, could you do maybe a “Advice on starting a Youtube Channel”
    video? or something like that? I think a lot of new youtubers would benefit
    from it, including me 🙂 love ya!!

  7. You are such an inspiration to me ^.^ honestly, you are so inspiring and
    you are a great role model. You are beautiful and I just wanted to say
    thank you. Recently I’ve been going through a really hard time. I lost my
    best friend from cancer, and my grandpa passed away as well. My mother was
    quitting smoking and then she started smoking again BC of a fight she had
    with my dad. You make me forget about all of that and it sounds kinda weird
    but you’re like my best friend 🙂 thank you so much for everything.

  8. Awe you were the first makeup guru I started watching on YouTube . but
    unfortunately your makeup looks all look the same to me . too simple . hope
    to see something different soon .

  9. Michelle: It would be a great Christmas present to get a reply from this
    comment from you for my daughter K. (Can’t say the whole name). Our lives
    have changed for the better with your videos. My daughter encouraged me to
    do something with my looks since I suffer from depression. She followed
    your tips and I learned from her. Thank you dear for the positive
    motivation you give to women. 

  10. I have never really like the look of highlight I have always been really
    into having a super matte face but… I suddenly feel like I need to start
    using highlight because you make it look amazing


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