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MORE INFO: I wanted to mix things up a bit and do a glam punk look for you. Watch this video for an edgy look with a nice bright lip!…

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  1. Sometimes I feel I just watch your videos to hear to laugh! You have a
    great laugh! BTW, do you have lash extensions? 

  2. You Look gorgeous. Love the eye wing. I been watching your videos for a
    while and I feel so familiar with you and love your personality. 

  3. Am I the only one stalking her website and hoping she has a sale on her
    eyeshadows? I have my eyes on 10 of them and the z palette to put them in
    but I just can’t part with the $$$$$ right now.

  4. is it just me or has marlena seemed more “herself” lately? she just seems
    happier and has been glowing from within! am i crazy??

  5. woa you look so different from before havent seen your vids in a while you
    look very fake …:( 

  6. You are adorable! Love the humor and little giggles girly! Your positivity
    is infectious!! Beautiful :)

  7. 40 seconds into the video and I have to comment! My favorite look on you
    ever!!! You look gorgeous!!!! I hope I can learn to do my liner like you! 

  8. Oh I like it 🙂 and yes corrupt is the darkest black ever! You don’t even
    need eyeliner. I love it. 

  9. Gorgeous. I saw on Oprah that you should ‘go with what your hair wants’
    and she is right, it definitely works. You look beautiful. I hope you
    have a fabulous weekend Marlena. ♥ Elle

  10. Loving your hair like that. I’m gonna do that tomorrow. Love all your
    tutorials. I am left handed and I have so much trouble with winged liner. I
    never can get them even.


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