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Girl’s Guide Live Chat on Confidence

Join me on Tuesday, March 25th at 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST for a live chat with Felicia Day & Lizzie Velasquez! The topic is confidence 🙂 Leave a comment below …

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  1. hi , i’m from saudiArabia i really luv your videos pls say my name Reem
    Garout live . sorry my english isn’t very well . keep going

  2. i am so insecure about my teeth. i hate smiling and I avoid talking to
    people because I dont want people to think im ugly because of them. My
    parents cant afford braces 🙁 how do i be more confident??

  3. how can you be confident if u dont have any friends (you can really trust)?
    but even if u are confident without any friends, dont u kind of look kinda
    like a loser?

  4. hi .my name is rwan i’m from saudi Arabia ,l watch u videos Many times and
    l luv u Makeup,I hope you continue your business I hope u makeup Spreads in
    the world Thank you 🙂

  5. Meaning the LIVE chat with start in 19 hours. So that means Stand by in
    order to watch Michelle Phan’s live video…

  6. all of my friends are thinner then me and i am not over weight but i just
    cant bring myself to wear shorts because of tighs are heavy


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