FiftyThree Pencil Unboxing & Overview

An unboxing, first impressions and overview of the FiftyThree Pencil, compatible with Paper by FiftyThree app on the iPad! Great Deals on Tech! – http://amzn…

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  1. i have a pen, at one end it has a small surface that touchscreens can read,
    it is spot on accurate and the pen was $1.50.

    so if you want to buy a pen worth $50 the give me your address and i will
    come to your house, snap the pen and shove it up your arse.

    that is all

  2. Great video Justin I enjoyed this video. Great touch with sun light, though
    the end, you could have used your right hand it move the camera because I
    can’t really see how it works. Otherwise great video :)


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