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feathered Bob w/ invisible part ft. Outre First Lady weave (pt3)

FTC: yea i own it…the glue the hair and everything else..i bought it with my own dead prez.

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  1. if you glue da top wuldnt da glue go through da sockin cap n wen its time 2
    take ur hair wulda it pull ur hair?

  2. Adri you should post a music list lol…let all us folks in the different
    regions of the U.S. know what’s good down your way lol! Ty for your
    channel, I love watching your tutorials.

  3. I’m gonna try this style…after I get my gro protect solution…I’m just
    too scared to put the glue directly on my hair. I know it can be safely
    removed, but I’m no xpert so I need the xtra protection! Looks good tho!

  4. The wide part looks more real. cause for some reason all the others parts
    look Super thin….. u did a great job!

  5. I really like your hair… you did a really good job. I have seen people
    mess up their invisible part pretty bad but yours looks good…

  6. nice work; only thing with your part is you have to place both side of the
    cut off pieces for your part place close together and thats how you get a
    skinny part….. xoxoxooxox but great job

  7. i jus did my hair like this myself following ur method and it turned out
    great it looks just like urs thanks so much ur a big help 😀

  8. @lenesh242 its a florida thing lol the name of the first song is ice berg-
    i’m the shit the name of the second song is strizzo- sweat or strizzo- two
    minute drill. two different versions of the same song.

  9. RAT TAIL COMB sweetie. Not trying to be funny or anything, cause I just
    love your vids. I swear you remind me of my 21 yr old daughter and all of
    this damn “hair”. Hair just be all over the place. LOL. Like I said, I love
    your vids, and shhh, quiet as kept I’m trying to learn how to do some
    tracks of my own so I can show her off. LOL. Take care.

  10. have you ever had a prob with the glue taking your hair out? I grew my hair
    out but I wanna try this style but Im scared my hair will break off. Love
    your channel btw!


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