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Face Of the Night Tutorial: Simple yet Sexy

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  1. So the tip is to basically do your eyeshadows first before applying
    foundation on the rest of your face. I will try that. Thanks!

  2. TBH sometimes there be those youtubers that you get scared of when they
    don’t have make up on but w/ Adrianna, she looks good with or without the
    make up. But I am going to use this look 🙂

  3. Girrrrrrrrl I wish I could do makeup nearly as good as you…. I’m ordering
    the BH 120 pallete 2nd edition and probably still wont know what to do with
    it lol

  4. @ruby14444 Hi. Have you tried MAC match master foundation or their studio
    tech? Usually darker skinned women have luck with them. Hope this helps.

  5. @tam2sexynhot4u I agree! she looks so gorgeous with her hair out of her
    face. This is my fav tutorial so far keep it up Adri.

  6. adri, girl i watch this video every time im about to go out just so i can
    get inspired to actually do somethin to my face! lol can you please make
    more getting ready videos. i know u be busy but i loooove this video lol


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