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Extreme Hauling: The Best Haul Ever

Hope you like this HAUL! Click this for a good time: Come find me all over the place: MY BLOG (has fun stuff I don’t show on youtube) F A C E…

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  1. Oh YOUTUBE!!! Won’t let me reply to anyone, I’ve reached my MAXIMUM
    replies for the day!! I love you all and I’m reading your comments at
    least! xoxo

  2. This is exactly what I see when I watch haul videos! ‘Omg, look how much
    money I can spend, aren’t I amazing, I love you guyzzzzz’ -.-

  3. Lol great video kandee! You always put a smile on my face! Anyways I just
    started youtube and was hoping you or anyone who sees this to stop by and
    subscribe to my channel thanks!

  4. Kandee you are so beautiful and so is sweet Ellie! This video was too fun
    and I need those boots in my life haha

  5. Kandee this was so cute and I loved it. We get so overhauled (yuk yuk) on
    YT with everyone buying stuff and this was so refreshing. Hugs Jo

  6. Oh mama Kandee that was the best western / outback hurl ive ever seen. I
    think the couch was in its final resting place though if anyone could diy
    it back to life it would be you …lmbo ! Thanks as always for the warmth
    and smiles! Xo Happy Easter. Many Blessings to your family! April 


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