Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 Projector Review

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  1. Hadn’t really considered a projector before, but this would be really nice
    in my apartment. Big enough to see while laying in bed with the wireless
    keyboard and HDMI to the computer and enjoying the ultimate vegetative

  2. Been using a hd projector for years got my Netflix streamer connected all
    Netflix movies in hd also use it for my pc and obviously gents you know
    what other kind of movies look good on the big screen

  3. LG Electronics PA75U Slim LED Projector….trust me! RETURN that Epson and
    go with this LG…wifi, dlna, 3d, SUPER SMALL..INCREDIBLE!

  4. +SoldierKnowsBest The footage of the product is good, but the footage of
    you talking to the camera is bad quality. You’ve obviously changed your
    camera recently… 


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