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Egyptian Queen

Ready to rule like the Queen of the Nile? Try this look out and tag your selfie #PhanLook so I can see your picture! 5 tips every successful woman should kno…

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  1. Michelle, have you read Red River/Anatolia Story? It’s a romance manga that
    takes place during the time of Ancient Egypt (Ramses I is one of the love
    triangle X) ) and it is what made me fall in love with that part of ancient
    history 🙂 the art is sublime!

  2. Amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, hot. Your so pretty and, hopefully your
    business is going well. Also you seem super nice, and, I wish I was your
    Your childhood, makes you stronger. Your life was rough but you made a
    great deal of your challenges.
    You take life, and make the best of lemonade. You made others people’s life
    happier ever time they watch your video.
    No matter what you make my day. I wish I could be like you one day, please
    never stop. Keep on posting never give up I wish you the best. One day I
    want to meet you in real life. 

  3. Ahh, now I wish it was halloween! I have a feeling that if I go out looking
    like this on a normal day, I might get a few strange looks haha! I love
    your videos Michelle ❤

  4. Can you do a “barely there” makeup look? I don’t like to spend too much
    time on my makeup in the morning but my skin gets terrible in the spring,
    but i don’t like to look like a cosmetic counter exploded on my face.

  5. I LOVE these crazy makeup tutorials but you should do some more wearable
    looks cause as much as I would love wearing this to work, my boss would


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