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Dose Of Colors Lipstick Review

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  1. Hi makeupgeek! I really want to get your eyeshadow starter kit but it’s
    sold out. Any idea when it will be available again? Thanks!

  2. Can’t wait to try them! 🙂 I know you said you’re going to be at NY IMATS,
    will you be there Sunday? Saturday is all sold out! Boo!!! 

  3. I want these! These are all great colours and I would use all of them!
    They’re also all flattering on my skin tone :)

  4. I love your videos Marlena. You’re a great motivation and role model.. at
    least to me 🙂 You’re such a beauty and you always look gorgeous. You are
    one of the youtube gurus I would like to meet in person one day.

  5. Marlena, this review is a testament to what a beautiful person you are. You
    are compassionate enough to review products of an up and coming competitor
    with honesty and integrity instead of only focusing on your own products.
    You are smart enough to understand that the quality of your products speak
    for themselves and that you don’t have to trash the competition. What a
    kind heart and beautiful woman you are. Thank you for the nice review,
    these definitely look interesting!

  6. Yay!! Love Dose and Anna of course! And you look beautiful as always, with
    that spark in your eyes. You’re just so easy to watch!!! Love xoxo Marina 

  7. Hi….makeup geek….I think I saw you the other day at Target. I remember
    you had on a white top and tight with your high heel boots on. I wonder was
    it you or someone tat had look you??? But I did really want to come and say
    hi. But I was to shy.

  8. There are other brands out there too where you can see the color of the
    lipstick on the bottom so it’s nothing new really.

  9. I am going to have to try at least one color. They look lovely & I am such
    a makeup junkie lol. I do like the packaging a lot. NYX round black case
    lipsticks also have the color on the bottom. It does make it easier! 


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