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  1. My son has lost weight since he started last year. He says it’s because of
    the cafeteria food at FAMU. Do you think I should make him get the meal
    plan still this upcoming sophomore year? I made him apply for food stamps,
    he got denied, so unfair, he’s a student πŸ™

  2. I graduated from an HBCU – Winston Salem State Univ some 25 years ago. I
    was an out of state student, and I can definitely attest to your vlog –
    stayong on campus is the best thing you can do when you go to college.
    You’ll have the time of your life! Till this day, I’m still close friends
    w/all of the young ladies that stayed on the same floor as myself our
    freshmen year.

  3. i love these videos i’m almost out of high school and i love the advice you
    give please do videos on whatever you know if you can!

  4. Im in college too. This is so true. Living in the dorms at ucf did make me
    appreciate so much looking back on it. Its a good transition into the real
    world. Life out here tis no joke.

  5. Freshman year was live tho! People at FAM love pulling fire alarms! lol smh
    Somebody did that in Palmettos when is raining outside ugh lol I agree with
    staying in a dorm freshman year because having an apartment is so

  6. Girl yessssss…..My first roommate was a 400 pound(literally) hot mess.
    Dirty and freaking oblivious. She was filthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I
    mean I understand messiness, but filth is a difference. I would go home and
    take 40 min. showers for no reason. My mom thought I was insane lol.

  7. I HATED dorm life. It was too loud and too unsanitary. At BGSU, it was
    required that freshmen live on campus, unless they were 21 or older. My mom
    (RIP) wouldn’t let me live off campus my sophmore year, I got myself thrown
    off campus. I got an apt and LOVED it. I later rented a room from a lady.
    That was cool, too I just needed my own room and cleaner living conditions.

  8. Ah! I’m glad you have positive things to say about on campus living! I’m in
    my 4th year living on campus at a out of state school and I still love it!
    I got involved and because of living on campus I’ve traveled to other
    schools for free and hosted a regional conference last November. Even
    though our freshmen can have cars I didn’t and it’s an experience for sure!
    A good one though every person in college should live on campus for at
    least a year!…Unless you have babies lol

  9. Dorm life was crazy, freshman yr everyone had curfews..First night in dorm
    everyone was hopping through windows and pushing on alarmed doors to go to
    a local club, next day we all had a assembly withe the dean.smhο»Ώ


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