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do what for $25? honey boo boo(reloaded)

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  1. hmmm… it doesnt matter if your in your home…, $50 is dirt poor cheap!!!
    I been doing hair for yearrrrrrs and I NEVER charged $50 for a sew
    in….not even when I was working from HOME!!! You ALWAYS charge what your
    WORTH!!! You also want a clientel that appreciates your work!!! All money
    aint good money and you NEED TO GO UP!!!! Those same people that came to
    you will come to me and pay $200!!! Lol….. I dont back down and if they
    dont like it , I send them somewhere else

  2. lol adrianna i understand were ur coming from, because i mean i don’t do
    wave but i specialize in braids, and ppl want to give me what they feel
    like giving me, so im learning to put my foot down now, because tats how
    ppl walk all over u.

  3. Honey without my license I was charging $75….minimum. Now I’m licensed
    and for what u talking about I charge $150…..

    At my house. U deserve more don’t give ur talent away for free.


  4. She is tooo ungrateful I was thinkin $50 is hecka cheap for that hairstyle
    I wish I stayed where u do I loooove your hair.

  5. Bitch was tryna throw shade, I had to learn to raise my prices the hard
    way. If you charge $85 a head 2 heads, you’ll be better off than if you did
    3 heads for $50! Up them prices you’ll get that clientele. Different prices
    attract different clientele.

  6. Charge a non-refundable deposit for an appointment to be scheduled via
    paypal, in person, etc. They can pay the rest when they arrive and THEN
    perform your services. A guy in Vegas was doing this and he is living very
    nicely, working from home. Protect your time and your money girl.

  7. If i did hair i’d lower the price for frequent customers, but keep it
    priced at 55 for others cus honestly doing stuff that takes time for money
    is not fun

  8. Girl $50 those girls should be grateful that you only charge that much to
    get their hair done well. I think from now on you should get the money
    first from that girl instead of doing her hair and getting short changed.
    What a brat she is!


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