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DIY Rice Scrub + Mask

Happy Lunar New Year cuties! Get your rice ready and have fun with this DIY scrub and mask 🙂 All these beauty tips were taught to me by my Mother, so now I’…

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  1. You shouldn’t be using scrubs to exfoliate. The only way to properly
    exfoliate without making microscopic tears on your face is with the regular
    use of pH balanced AHA (glycolic acid) and/or BHA (salicylic acid) leave on
    treatments like liquids, lotions and gels. Also, never use lemons on your
    face. Lemons have a pH of 2, which is way too low to be scrubbing all over
    your face, in addition to lemon being highly irritating to the skin,
    especially when combined with an abrasive agent like sugar or rice. The
    abrasive agents makes tears in your skin, the lemon gets into those tears
    and further irritates the skin, causing breakdown of collagen and elastin.
    If you’re going to give people skin care advice, at least know what the
    hell you’re talking about.

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  3. Michelle you NEEEEED to make a tumblr!!! (or make a tumblr & connect your
    blog with it and post stuff from there 😀 !) 

  4. You looked extra pretty in this video =)
    Hapy lunar new year too
    May all your dreams come true and hard work pay off =D

  5. Is this rly helpful for the the skin? The rice + lemon is the kind of the
    same as sugar + lemon, right? Peelingeffect
    And im not sure if rice has enough ingredients, so it would actualy do
    somethin for the skin. Nice idea, but not gonna try it.


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