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DARK Women BLEACHING it a TRAP? (real talk) pt1

Everything Im stating in the video is based on my THOUGHTS from tyra banks edpisode titled ” Bleaching for Beauty (go google it if u haven’t seen it) this is…

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  1. i love my complexion im the same color as christina milian but i have a few
    scars on my calves which i hate and i use fading cream on them because they
    are not cute

  2. my mom is ight skin, i am dark..and let me tell u, i would not change it
    for anything…….i am a proud dark skin BLACK LATINA<3

  3. If you don’t want to talk about your history you’re bound to forget it and
    once you forget it you’re bound to repeat it. Don’t ever be afraid to talk
    about the truth of the slave mentality and how it’s passed down to the

  4. Don’t just keep saying a product goes deeper than the name. Elaborate on
    your topic, draw out your audience and explain the deeper meaning behind
    the name especially if you’re trying to win over hearts to your arguement.

  5. i dont get why people dye their skin. i also dont get why people fake tan.
    i think its equally disgusting. but at the end of the day what ever makes
    someone feel confident who am i to judge? ya know.

  6. let me tell you… you are perfect … god made you like this so that you
    can survive in this environment way better than any other race!

  7. I use to want to bleach my skin, but I’d feel more beautiful, if I was
    accepted as I am now, rather than if I changed myself. I feel like if I
    bleached my skin, not only will I have take what god has given me away, It
    wouldn’t be the real me. my mom is light skinned, she’s often given
    compliments but me, Ive gotten a lot of crap because of my dark chocolate
    skin, I was picked on a lot in middle school because of it. Now that I’m in
    college things have gotten a lot better.

  8. Sounds about the same as why girls use tanning cream or go to the tanning
    bed religiously, honestly. Just because their idea of beauty is what it is.

  9. I love your skin and I`m white. I think brown skin is beautiful, but that
    doesnt mean I think light skin is ugly. Btw Tyra Banks is an total idiot,
    she is ignorant as fuck. She was talking some crazy stuff in her “race
    episode”, some really stupid stuff.

  10. I live in Germany and its crazy ….can´t tell you one advertising that
    show dark women…… Even tough I´m really light cause I´m mixed its hard
    to get make-up for me. And you feel alone standing in the store and
    watching all the make-up which is for white women. But on the other site
    everyone is telling that they want my skin tone…..just confusion over

  11. The main thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone speak on black
    women being brainwashed because of bleaching is what about the ones who
    don’t bleach but they feel pretty with their hair straight or with a weave
    or wig, but they feel uncomfortable wearing no makeup& doing nothin to
    their hair?

  12. If you use black an white cream for what it’s intent for you will not
    bleach your skin it’s for DARK SPOT!!!!!!!!after you have pimple an
    sometimes we bust them instead of putting a hot compress on it, an then it
    leave a scar, such as a dark spot!! you should only put it on the dark

  13. well of course but white people dont have the same pressures people of
    color have, white people are set up to be the ideal, and unfortunately some
    people of color believe that non sense

  14. Look baby don’t be so ignorant you need to learn more about your own so
    call “husband” roots ,so while your spending the time typing me up….put
    that ignorant head of ur in a book so you can learn about ur so call “rican
    husband” for the RECORD dark skin, an nappy hair, or WHITESKIN,AN STRAIGHT
    HAIR, ETC. can learn the language try”French” that’s a
    challenge,cuz you never can tell a hispanic just from the color of the
    skin! now who sounds ignorant you do! read their roots 4 ur self

  15. OMG if black people did not need to wear sunscreen then why do we also get
    skin cancer?? And why do we sunburn and tan? It’s 2013 and people still
    don’t know black people need to wear SUNBLOCK too smh!


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