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Current Drugstore Favorites & SJP Shoe Haul

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) SJP shoes (Nordstrom) Neutrogena Healthy Skin (Colleen Rothschild Sh…

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  1. totally off subject but everytime I see the red box in the corner of your
    closet I always think its an apples to apples game lol 

  2. Obsessed with those shoes, I love watching Sex & the City on E! Haha, it’s
    always on during the day! Ever since I heard you mention Skin MD I have
    been so curious about it, and really wanting to try it! Lovely video
    Tiffany :)

  3. I thought the same thing about the SJP shoes being too rounded when I was
    looking at them (online). Thank you for sharing, they are absolutely

  4. Great video! And btw, your skin always looks lovely! Without makeup it
    looks perfect but i also love the way you do your foundation/ blush etc,
    that’s the kind of look i TRY to go for haha 

  5. Isn’t it amazing how much the drugstore brands have stepped up their game?!
    Totally agree you don’t have to spend big money to get great products.
    Good video Tiffany and I love those shoes. ♥ Elle

  6. Thanks for showing the SJP shoes! I didn’t know what to think about the
    ribbon on the back. They look great!

  7. Luv those maybelline quads, I have the one in designer chocolates per
    EmilyNoelle’s recomendation:)) You look gorgeous in this vid btw!

  8. I love the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss…I just wish that
    one came in a tube! I’ll have to try the one you mentioned.

  9. I loooooove those shoes ! I saw her on Ellen she explained the story behind
    the little ribbon… so cute ^^

  10. EEE! I LOVE the SJP Pumps! I am so glad you got those so I could see them
    and hear what you thought–I’ll show mine today, like you said, we have had
    rain forever–so sad we cant wear our new SJP’s!! Loved this—see you
    this weekend! xoxo Lisa

  11. Omg, Flight of the Navigator!!!!!! I LOVED that movie! Great video, now
    I’ve got to go spend a huge wad of money, lol!!!!


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