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Current Beauty Favorites! April 2014

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) what I’m wearing: Baublebar necklace Everlane tops IT CC Cream Almay Clear Complexion…

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  1. I noticed that the sparkly purple shade in the Chocolate Bar palette, rubs
    off very easily and isn’t easy to apply so full color (the way it looks in
    the pan). I did a look with it the other day and I ended up spraying my
    brush with UD setting spray to get it to be full color. .

  2. Your hair gets more gorgeous in every video! Even though I own Creme Cup,
    that Chanel lipstick looks so intriguing 🙂 Lovely favorites Tiffany! I
    talked about a Sea Salt Spray in my April Favorites too, the one I mention
    is coconut scented also.

  3. Would love to see tag low maintenance, no heat hair tutorial-

    And I agree, your hair has been super shiny! 

  4. I love all of my too faced shadows but haven’t picked up the Chocolate bar
    one.I have like 90% finished the Too Faced Natural Eye & Romantic eye
    palettes though-love them so much! Thanks for letting us know your

  5. You are the first beauty guru on YT that I have heard mention the Almay
    Blemish concealer. I am planning on getting that and trying that on my
    blemishes. Could you also do a review on the foundation too if possible?
    Thanks Tiffany! 

  6. Great faves! Just a note on the Everlane Ryan tees- I know you probably
    read the laundering directions and are smarter than I am, but when they say
    hand wash and dry flat- they mean it- my navy blue tee now fits my 3year

  7. I haven’t bought the a Chocolate bar palette, but I did buy the IT
    cosmetics a Naturally a Pretty palette- love it! You should try the Kat Von
    D Monarch palette- first purchase of mine from her line and it is soooo

  8. You look so pretty here, but I can’t figure out what it is lol something
    about your look is just stunning :)

  9. I love the tee and jeans with that statement necklace! You look so youthful
    and glowy in this video! Where are your jeans from? I love the zippers


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