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Curly to Straight: Malaysian Tropical Curly LAID! lol

N.R. Hair Group Tropical Curly 20in (8oz) 18in (4…

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  1. Too cute chic! I have some Malaysian hair also hanging on the hanger (lol)
    waiting to be installed next wk. Can’t Wait!

  2. O M F G …. you gonna make me go bankrupt buyin these hair weaves…. NEXT

  3. This hair is GorGeoUs!!! I seen another review on NR Hair but I wasn’t
    impressed at all! Your review was the bomb!

  4. Can’t wait to see your special review on the wavy texture from N.R. Hair
    group. I saw another video on the wavy but wasn’t impressed. Wanna see how
    you hook it up to see which has more body when flat-ironed (tropical curly
    or wavy).

  5. @NiggersRApes smh…’s funny how white people r so obsesssed and
    jealous of us becuz we dont age like shit or need to tan it’s very nigger
    of u for your wasting your time while life passes by sitting behind a
    computer like a coward talking about a race of people who really dont give
    a fuck about your opinons and never will one thing about about black people
    we live our lives to the fullest not giving a fuck what a hater got to say
    we know live is way to precious to be talking nonsense

  6. Girl I love you you are so real im in Los Angeles I have course hair
    shopuld I buy it from NR hair group plz tell me this week cuz im buying it
    this week. And I want my hair long but not that long so want length should
    i get plz help. And ny part is going on the side

  7. And one more thing that hair only looks right on certain people not a bunch
    of ratchet hoodrats the point of weave is for it to look natural and yall
    case it wont everybody knows yall didnt grow the shit ctfu

  8. lol how can she tell everyone what the point of weave is lol ignorance.
    Some people wear weave to protect their hair and I know damn well Beyonce
    or Rihanna’s hair is no where near their ass so that is “unrealistic” who
    cares. Its beautiful on her and she is gone with the wind fabulous! #Gave
    it 🙂


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