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controling your kids vs. College Classrooms

leave me your thoughts and responses 🙂 I personally think its unfair to have your kids being disruptive but i commend the parents who try to balance being a…

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  1. I think there is no excuse. No matter how crazy the child is , its a child,
    you are an adult. It all comes down to how strict the parent is. Every
    single crazy child Ive ever seen as a push over parent.

  2. Some ppl dont teach their children “home” training…i have one child and
    hes 7 and he knows better…my son knows when we go out in the public he
    needs to mind his manners…so it can be done….ive personally never seen
    ppl bring their children to school …Im a single parent and thats no
    excuse…so children can be trained

  3. I used 2 have 2 bring my lil brother 2 class 2 help my mom out he wouldnt
    think of making a sound or gettin up 2 even use tha bathroom most of the
    other students thought he was in the class its all about home training

  4. It’s so funny how I watched this last night & a classmate brought het kids
    to class & class hasn’t even gotten started & theyre already crunk & over
    the top playing w/ the desk & jumping up the stairs smh it’s not 1 child
    but 2 children

  5. The deal is they let the child act like all the time and don’t correct them
    when they are young. I WISH my kids would act up in public. Imma take
    please school and be all in they butt.

  6. OMG what? I never knew you could bring your kids to class?! I am a 27 year
    old proud mom of a 2 year old and a 4 month old that will be returning to
    school in Jan but I WOULD NEVER EVA EVA bring my children to class with me.
    I just wouldn’t……

  7. Giiiirl, you’re better than me because if u can’t handle your kid i will!
    Ppl genuinely don’t want others to say anything to their children, so in
    that case, you should say something before i do. Period. My future depends
    on this education. Knock it off!!!

  8. they need to bring coloring books, snacks and a toy to help keep them
    quiet. maybe the university needs to open a daycare within the school that
    is free for students

  9. As long as the kid is well behaved there shouldn’t be a problem. My mom
    took me to class when I was little. I didn’t have to be told not to make
    noise because I already knew. This seems like a problem of being an
    undisciplined parent.

  10. Some children are just hyperactive… And it is not a fault of the
    parent… I don’t hav any kids… But I do hav the do a rotation for
    pediatrics and some children just develop differently… So u can’t really
    judge a persons parenting skills by their kids behavior

  11. smh leave they bad ass kids at home.. And what do her stripper pole have to
    do with anyone damn.. But I’m sorry I would Have said some period.

  12. Actually from my experience, there are some colleges that have day cares
    for the children. So, I don’t know how it is for a child to be in a
    classroom like that. I would think it would be rude to have a child in
    class specially on exam day. I’m pretty sure a college have a day care
    program. If they do not, find one.

  13. GREAT TOPIC!! With kids, it’s probably best to try to go to an online
    university. This way you can go to school and be at home. I think that it
    would be easier on a single mom.

  14. .yeah its just a respect thing, not from the kids of course because they
    haven’t developed that quality yet but u would think that the parent should
    have. Schooling isn’t free so u should never feel wrong for wanting to get
    ur moneys’ worth out of every second

  15. You right it’s not fair to others I would never bring my daughter to class
    with be for one to me it’s RATCHET sorry that’s my opinion and for two its
    not fair to others that pay 500 or whateva amount of money to come to class
    and have to seat down and not being able to focus cuz of my child I would
    feel bad but that’s just me..everyone different..I feel like if u can’t
    afford a babysitter or u don’t have fan members to watch ur child umm
    there’s online classes that u might wanna sign up for!!!!

  16. Apparently my school use to have an in school daycare.They got rid of it.I
    dont know why. Anyway I’ve never been in the situation before so IDK.

  17. I can’t believe professors allow this. I have a child and just graduated
    from college and I think one time I took my son to school. He just happened
    to be well-behaved that one time, but if he had acted up I would have left
    immediately. I agree with you thatis bullshit there is no reason a person
    should pay for a class and deal with that kind of crap. Come on people use
    common sense.

  18. It seems like college policies need to be reformed! Back when I was in
    college I had my son in daycare for the simple reason that A. he needs to
    go to school to learn and B.I can’t bring him to school with me while I
    learn. I would never even give myself the option of bringing my son to
    class w/me.I will miss a class B4 I step foot in the building w/him. He is
    well behaved but that is distracting & unfair 2 all the other students.
    There are state funded programs that help mother’s w/day care.


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