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  1. True…. Im actually a loner… I dont have a female friends to hang with
    or talk to but I’m cool with that…. Im still enjoying life..

  2. Lmao Adri I can’t with you! Your old roommate friend sorry it funny as
    hell. But I completely agree . I have always been a ppl person but not a
    friend person. I can’t just have any ole person be my friend.

  3. you are a beautiful, easy-going REAL black woman Ms. Thomas. stay you and
    keep those vids coming hun. congrats on graduating and bring us a new vid
    soon darling ;-)

  4. I always been a loner and Im comfortable being by myself. I never was the
    type to care to have a lot of friends, but I had a lot of associates. That
    was fine with me.

  5. I completely agree!
    For peeps in college she is SO Right!
    As for me, friends are cool, but I wasn’t there for that. I knew classes
    weren’t cheap & I had to remain focus! If I had excepted ALL the invites to
    frat parties, GIRL Boo! I’d probably still be in college…#happygrad 🙂

    but …if one really wanted ‘guaranteed or instant’ friends join a sorority
    hope that helps (someone).


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