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COLLEGE: moving to a new place(helpful tips)

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  1. Girl, I love your videos!!! I’ve been watching them all day. Ur personality
    is awesome and you offer great advice about college and group projects and
    hair companies. Please stop by my channel if your like!

  2. LOL…this is so funny to me because I JUST finished moving out of my
    campus housing a few hours ago and am currently living out of suitcases and
    bins and tote bags for a week until I move back in…lol it’s hard out
    here.. but yea good stuff!

  3. Ha ha. You live like me. I keep all of my stuff organized in catagories of
    what I need. Thanks for the video!

  4. I know I hate moving staying in the “campus housing” apartments suck ass
    really bad. I had to be out of my dorm Monday and i don’t move into my new
    apartment until the 27th of august

  5. I’m in the process of packing for my new apartment now.. it’s HELL! lol And
    Idk why I didn’t even kno u had a roommate…for sum reason I thought u
    lived wit Moe lol

  6. Moving out of student housing is WAY better than moving out of an
    apartment!!! It took me almost a week to move outta my apartment after I
    graduated but it took like 2 days to move outta student housing at the end
    of the semester lol I said my next move I’m hiring a moving company

  7. this is me right here!!!!! im homeless for exactly 19 days. luckily i have
    a friend who lives in my new building but she’s gone till school starts so
    i got to stay in her apartment until they let me move into mine. i did
    everything you did girl!

  8. I need to get organize like u.. everytime I try it just go rite back 2 a
    mess..I need 2 find a coat hanger like dat cuz my jewelry is in a box…

  9. do a video on living with different roomates! and how it is at the
    beginning compared to now with dorming! your experiences in this as well
    would be hilarious i think lol


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