CNET Update – Internet Explorer is a magical anime heroine Microsoft Singapore personifies its browser for the OS-tan universe, Marvel characters get their own shows on Netflix, and Sony reveal…

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  1. “Your Internet browser just got super cute!”

    For a second, I thought Bridget was getting conceded (not that it isn’t
    true, she just seems more modest than that).

  2. Yep. Microsoft is learning a valuable lesson from several unimaginative
    anime studios. In place of substance, moe will get an audience… and like
    several seedy anime studios, they are treading the very dangerous line
    between moe and lolicon fetishism.

    The basic trend is that IE is for lolicons, firefox is for furries (Yiff?),
    and chrome is for normal people, but is developing a yandere complex.

  3. Microsoft surface?I own one and it is the worst bullshit product i ever
    seen.The sides of the VaporMG exterior is CORRODING BADLY.

  4. I really liked the anime clip it was cool. It motivated me to try it out
    when it will be coming out. I’ll be trying the new browser. Hopefully I
    don’t get disappointed. I’m kinda getting tired of google chrome crashes.
    If this proves an good experience IE will claim back its share of the
    browser market.

    Good luck to them

  5. thats really cool. its actually not crappy like the ones american people
    make! (no offense but stuff like peach fuzz are so fake)

  6. I think Microsoft is playing one their last cards, Animi girls to drag
    users damn now we are seeing an improvement in the marketing yet nothing in
    the technical!!


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