CNET How To – Quickly access browsing history in any tab on Chrome for iOS A recent update to Chrome for iOS included a quick way of jumping through your browsing history.

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  1. You are a retard if you can’t figure that out! There’s no need for a how to for this. All you need is the ability to read. Now read what the change log says.

    “Long press on the back button to quickly access any page on your tab history”

    Now get off CNET Jason Cipriani! As usual you got your dislike, and I’m sure others will hit that thumbs down button.

  2. wow really, thanks for pointing out that people are so retarded they can’t even figure that out lol

  3. Why the hell can you not view history on android chrome in a similar intuitive way?! Has Google lost their mind suporting their competitor over their own products?

  4. Is this really nessescary Jason Cipriani? Really? Lately, you have had bad videos on things we most of us know about. FYI, there is also some easier help by googling it!

  5. “Using iPad or iPhone.” You forgot the iPod touch. People still use the iPod touch. I sure do, it’s cheaper than the iPad or even the iPad Mini, and it’s certainty way cheaper than the iPhone. I have an iPod touch 4th gen, right before the new colored back iPod touches 5th gen came.


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